Going green domestically: Integrated solar panels

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Going green domestically: Integrated solar panels

With the passage of time and the drying up of natural resources, we observe a shift in the energy consumption pattern digital signage malaysia. More focus is being given to the use of renewable sources of energy. The most important of which is solar energy because it has the maximum scope for application. Technology has made it possible to integrate its usage directly with our way of living via integrated solar panels. These solar cells are built directly into the roof of your house along with the ceiling. They harness the sun’s energy and supply it directly to the connected devices (mostly light fixtures). There is a host of companies that are providing this service to their people

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Benefits accruing to such panels:

If you do decide in favour of integrated solar panels, you will stand to gain the following from it:

  • Easy installation: They are a company ready, and you do not spend any time putting them together. All you have to do is place them as you lay down your roof. No expertise or technical supervision is demanded. They form a part of your ceiling while performing the function of solar panels.
  • Physical appearance: From a distance, it looks like you had an upgrade installed to your roof. They mix well with conventional tiles and do not look out of place even when viewed from close quarters. This feature makes it suitable for all kinds of rooftops.
  • Budgetary adjustment: You do not have to make a special concession for them. They come in a range of prices, ensuring that there is at least one for every house. The difference occurs inefficiency and styling of the solar photovoltaic tiles.
  • Watertight: Rain or sleet, you have no reason to worry. It has been designed keeping in mind all the weather conditions that one might get to witness in an area. The manufacturers have taken special consideration to ensure water does not seep in and leave the household with a leaking roof that might jeopardize the belongings inside.
  • No wind lift: These solar panels have been sealed to the roof completely. There is no scope for them to come off and damage (or injure) nearby’s structure (or population) during strong winds. It has been securely built to withstand maximum force.
  • Maintenance cost: The yearly cost that they command falls does not climb very high. An average household will be able to sustain them without any significant strain on their income.
  • Savings: Last but not the least, you tend to save huge amounts on your electricity bill. Over some time, these solar cells pay off their cost.

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Sustainable consumption:

The biggest argument has been reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources; people debate its effectiveness over the non-availability (in harnessing) of green energy sources. An integrated solar cell is a game-changer in this scenario, paving the way for further innovations.

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